Monday, October 19, 2009

100 days, 100 reasons

Today we have been married for 100 days. It has been so fun. Of course it was/is an adjustment too but I loove being married. It just keeps getting better. My friends make fun of me, saying this newlywed phase will pass, but I don't care. I'm enjoying every second of being a newlywed! So...to top of the cheesy, lovey-dovey-ness, here are 100 reasons why I love my husband. In no particular order:

1. He gives the best kisses!
2. He is strong in areas I am weak.
3. He always knows what to say. Or when to not say anything.
4. He opens doors for me.
5. He loves sports.
6. He is a great provider.
7. He thinks about the future and knows what we should do to prepare for it now.
8. He always asks how my day was and really listens to the answer-even if he doesn't know what I'm talking about!
9. He kisses me goodbye every morning.
10. He is loyal to me and to everyone and everything that matters to him.
11. He is a man of integrity.
12. He is great at fixing things and putting things together.
13. He makes me feel wanted and needed.
14. He surprised me when I was gone for a weekend and remodeled both of our bathrooms and the kitchen himself! And it looks amazing.
15. He is rich in all the ways that matter.
16. He was my friend first.
17. He is the best running partner ever.
18. He loves the Lord.
19. My friends love him and trust him with medical advice.
20. I love his family, my in-laws!
21. He works SO hard at everything he does.
22. He has always built me up-since day one.
23. He has a servant's heart.
24. He is the most selfless, giving person I know.
25. He is still my best friend.
26. I love him more than he'll ever know (or believe).
27. He is incredibly patient.
28. He is excellent with our money.
29. He is very wise in decision making.
30. He is laid back and gets along with everyone.
31. My family adores him.
32. He is family oriented.
33. He is the man I dreamed of...and even more that I didn't know I wanted.
34. He has helped me to know myself.
35. He is proud of me....?!
36. He respects me.
37. He believes in me and makes me believe in myself.
38. He changes my oil, tires and all that other manly stuff.
39. He loves my cooking!
40. He surprises me with little gifts.
41. He has a forgiving heart.
42. He always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and has taught me to do the same.
43. We share our own sense of humor.
44. He makes me laugh!
45. He holds the key to my heart.
46. He is very intelligent.
47. He laughs at my jokes and my dance moves!
48. He is always making sure I have everything I need.
49. Those random text messages that just say "I love you."
50. He's a good driver...and tries to make me a good driver. hehe
51. We share the same goals, beliefs and desires for the future.
52. He is my soul mate.
53. He lets me cuddle with him in the recliner while he watches ESPN.
54. He doesn't mind going shopping with me.
55. I love being in his arms.
56. He lets me be myself.
57. He is tall!
58. He has the most beautiful blue eyes.
59. He kills spiders.
60. He always puts everyone else first.
61. He's not afraid to tell the truth when it needs to be told.
62. He can explain things to me when I don't understand.
63. He protects me in every way.
64. He builds me up telling people about me when I'm not around.
65. He makes life so much more fun.
66. I have not had to do ANY yard work in 100+ days!
67. He encourages me.
68. It was God's design for us to be together and it was in His perfect timing. I love our story.
69. He loves me just the way I am.
70. We both enjoy being outdoors and in the mountains.
71. He is a lot like my dad.
72. He is humble AND confident.
73. I love to hear him call me "Babe"
74. He loves red star burst too.
75. He always considers me when making any decision.
76. He has nice pecs...hehe
77. I'm hard to figure out but he knows me like the back of his hand.
78. We have so much fun together.
79. He will be the most amazing, loving dad ever.
80. He treats me like a princess-he takes really good care of me.
81. He's SO stinkin cute!
82. He kills moths!
83. I feel secure because I know he is devoted to me.
84. He has never complained about having to drive 1.5 hours to work everyday...and he works 12 hour shifts.
85. I love him for who he is and who he makes me.
86. He makes me a better person.
87. He gives great, warm hugs.
88. He tries really hard to understand my job.
89. He is always honest. Even when it's hard to hear or he knows I want to hear something else. I appreciate that.
90. His customers at work love him and that makes me think even more highly of him.
91. He does not waste time or money.
92. He seriously remembers everything I tell him. From when we were friends until now.
93. He always knows what I want even when I don't say anything about it.
94. He gives great back rubs.
95. His favorite thing for me to wear is a hoodie and jeans or sweatpants! Wow!
96. He always pays.
97. His blood, sweat and tears he put in to be able to afford my ring.
98. He can talk to anyone.
99. He lets me sleep on long road trips.
100. My life is enhanced because of his love for me. Loving him has taught me a lot about loving the Lord and the Lord's love for us.

I am blessed beyond measure.
And so in love.

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