Friday, May 28, 2010

Green Acres

Here are a few pics from our trip to Green Acres.

"Green Acres" is what we have always called my grandparents land that sits

just east of Meeker, OK.

They bought 80 acres with a little, old farm house sitting on it back in the 60's.

They don't live here but visit just about every weekend.

We've made a lot of memories going to Green Acres:

  • Finding turtles for the annual Yukon turtle race
  • Campfires & weanie roasts
  • Learning to fish...with chicken liver and worms

  • This old cellar... always creeped us out!
  • Swimming in the pond
  • Staying the night and eating gma's biscuits & gravy in the mornings (which she cooked on an old, pale pink stove)
  • Learning to drive at 13

  • 4-wheelers...and 4-wheeler accidents
  • Hearing coytoes
  • The tree house and tire swing

    • Dalice & I talking Erin into standing in the creek and grabbing the hot wire. (Sorry Erin!)
    • Seeing how many fish we could catch before breakfast
    • Finding deer tracks with gpa
    • Killing snakes, turtles & fish and teaching ourselves anatomy 101.
    • Grandma making catfish "talk".
    Those were fun times! I'm sure I left a million things out.

    (All of these pics were taken on my iPhone)

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