Sunday, June 26, 2011

Project: Remodel

I bought this house in March of 08. It was outdated, but it was cozy, close to home and I liked it! I envisioned painting the walls and getting new furniture. Never in a million years did I think it would turn out to look like it does today! I love it.

When Chad & I started dating our first great amount of quality time together was spent painting kitchen cabinets. That should have been a sign of what was to come-ha! (Kitchen remodel pics coming soon) A little later on, I was gone one weekend and he surprised me & completely re-modeled both bathrooms. Most everything has been remodeled at least twice in this house. So therefore, there are some "before", "after" and "after-after" pics. :)

I am THRILLED to say that our home remodel is completely finished!!! Until Chad thinks of something else to do...

There are several pics, so I'm planning on splitting them between different blog posts. Here's the first batch.

The day I moved in:
Here's a pic of the living room:
And a pic of the dining area:

The fireplace had one of those stove inserts that burns the wood chips. It didn't fit quite right. And only worked for a short while. Chad would want me to point out the fan. (I've never been one to notice light fixtures or ceiling fans.... he does.)

Here I am! All moved in! Perfectly content. It looks funny to me now.
My mother-in-law helped me get stuff up on the walls. Improvement.
 Decorations. Is it funny that I had an 8-point rack above my fireplace UNTIL my husband moved in and moved it to the garage? I don't even know where it's at now.
One of the first things we (ok.. Chad) did was get rid of the popcorn ceiling. What.a.mess!
Texture followed.
See the wires hanging from the ceiling?
Chad put that assortment together at midnight the night before
I had Mary's personal shower at our house. Still embarrassed about that.

I think I took this picture because
I was proud that the tv was above the mantle.
Wires are still in place. New ceiling fan though! :)

My awesome dad did all of the woodwork in our house.
Chad helped too. I love my dad & he's incredible when it comes to
woodwork and making the most out of the space you have.
(wait until I get to the kitchen!)

 Dad created this china hutch! It added so much more room for kitchen things!
The mantle! Coming together.

The dining area with stained china hutch, textured ceilings & walls,
white baseboards, crown molding.... not finished yet though!

Stained mantle.

Dogs are exhausted.
We now have curtains! And paint on the walls.

New fireplace!!!
And marble tile around it.
Still not finished.


Wood floor.
Tile wood floor to be specific.
And a new backdoor that lets more light in.

 Chad just put the glass shelves and lighting
in the china hutch this week, so I don't have
pictures of it yet, but you get the idea!

How about a quick recap:




If you're interested in coming to see it, we'd love to have you!
I'm having an open house Sunday, July 10 from 2-4
for a Renovation Reveal + Scentsy Open House.

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