Monday, December 19, 2011

Mrs. Gateley

It's days like today that I really miss her. Mrs. Gateley. Rainy days when we could spend our entire day in the sewing room.

I was busy rummaging around my kitchen gathering all the recipes I needed to spend a day baking when I stumbled across her very first letter to me. It was what kept us connected after she was discharged from the hospital. She wanted to send me a recipe and on the back she wrote a little note asking me to stop by sometime. The last paragraph read:

"I thank God for meeting you. You are a blessing to me for sharing-which I love to do. Give me a call or drop in for a visit. You would be surely welcome."

You would be surely welcome.

I imagine she received the same welcome when she got to heaven. You are surely welcome! Well done! I aspire to be like her in the way she allowed God to use her, even into her eighties! She knew that sewing was her God-given purpose and she used that to to draw people into a relationship with her and then she would show them Jesus by the way she lived & loved.

We often try to think of talents God gave us and ways we can use them to glorify Him. If you're like me, sometimes I struggle to come up with how the two coincide. Know this-God is about RELATIONSHIPS. And whatever it is he put in you to do well, or just to love doing, He desires you to build relationships with others so that you can show them Jesus.

Hope you find that as encouraging as I do. You don't have to try to be anyone else, but yourself. And when you get to heaven, I hope you hear "Well done! You are surely welcome here."

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