Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Timeline randomness

 What have I been up to? Here it is in random order, and in pictures.

Today I ran 3.18 miles. Here was my beautiful view:
 Hard to believe it's been two years since this:

 Spent Valentine's day snuggled up to Scout, before going into work
& delivering lil Valentine's babies:

Mom had foot surgery so I took care of the cows [by myself] for a while.
Here's our feed room:

We've also been [anxiously] awaiting the arrival of my first nephew
Beckett Owen Bayer
Sure to be the cutest thing ever...

Grandpa helped me feed & milk in the rain, love that man:

Somewhere Mrs. Gateley is smiling (& probably laughing) at me.
Hey, sometimes you need to sew but it's way too nice to be inside!

Took a relaxing trip to Green Acres (our family farm near Meeker)
& had a fishing competition with my mom... I won (never happens)!
 A few more pics of Green Acres....  a lil slice of heaven

 Making sure mom follows Dr's orders.... keep that foot elevated!

 Don't look at me, look at the fish! ;)
I caught this catfish...by the tail! (And no, not with my hands)

Love my momma!

See? Heaven!

Grandma's the one that takes care of the fish when
they "swallow it".
 We've also been doing our best
at eating healthy. I thought my salad looked so good I needed
a picture.

Oh & I was hit by a rock on I-40, causing a huge split up my
passenger side of the front window, instantly.
It's been replaced. But it was.not.cheap.

Trevor & Jenni came to visit and we
got to meet and snuggle sweet lil Ace!

I changed my iPhone screen to this. That way when
I'm tempted to 'play' on my phone, it reminds me to
"Be present" where I am. So many times we miss out on little
things of life because we are consumed with being
constantly entertained.

I cut some roses from my rose tree in my front yard.
I've had fresh roses on my table for the past 3 weeks & it
smells so amazing! I want to start a cutting garden.
Who doesn't love fresh flowers?!
Think of all the smiles you could create by handing out fresh flowers all the time!
 (Oh, this is also a pic of the burlap table runner I made, thanks to Pinterest)

I had a dream that someone smiled at me & nodded their head, saying
"Yep, you are living the Psalm 21:6 kinda life"
I looked it up when I woke up & it's true. I am:

My sweet hubby built me a vegetable garden.
He doesn't half-way do anything. I would have been happy
with a 3x5 set of boards. But he had to make it look
all pretty with the rocks. And I love it.

I rode in the Redbud, 33 miles, with some of my
friends from the Mercy Cycling club. It was beautiful riding
through Jones, past some really big & beautiful homes and then
out into the country with trees arching over the road
farm dogs looking on as you pass by.

That's all I've been up to!

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  1. Thanks for catching me up with your life. You are one amazing person.