Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why I chose cloth

I recently posted this picture on Instagram about starting a 30 day cloth diaper trial with my 3 month old son, Bowen. A few of my friends wanted my opinion when it was all said & done and since I'm not on FB anymore I'm dusting off the old blog to air my opinions.

Probably just 2 of you will read this. That's ok.

If anybody feels like they've been helped, my purpose was served.

Really... I just need to jot down my own notes.

In an effort to be fully honest, I'll spend this blog post telling you how I came to the decision to use cloth instead of disposables.

When I found out I was pregnant, my sweet friend JBass almost immediately started trying to talk me into using cloth diapers. She told me about all the benefits and how much she loved them. She told me about how bad disposables are for the environment and on and on and on. Every time I saw her she would half jokingly find a way to bring them up. I was frank with her & I think these were my exact words:

"As awful as this may sound I'm not the least bit interested 
in cloth diapering. 
It does not appeal to me at all. 
And I could care less about the environment."

It was true. Sad, maybe? But true! And I'm pretty sure she took it as a challenge. One day she invited me to The Changing Table (home of the 30 day trial) for a product reveal night. I walked in, still thinking cloth diapering is NOT for me & thinking I just needed to do my nice friend duty so she didn't have to go alone.

And then I saw them.

Allll of them.

They were soo cute! So many different colors & fun patterns.

I was overwhelmed with the options.

That's when I decided maaayyyybe I would give it a small, only-half-serious thought.

I did think long & hard about it and then discussed it with Chad. I fully expected to hit resistance & that would be the end of it (it is totally weird, right?! We're not that granola) but he was actually all for it, being the penny pincher that he is!

 So it was like a switch went off in my brain and I couldn't even sleep at night (really) because I was so excited about it (and I had to pee). I tried to do my research and read up on everything I could about them. And every time I came up overwhelmed. I asked JBass about a million questions-which she so kindly answered every single one & usually in great detail. She's the best!

That's how I made my decision-it wasn't for the best of the environment, it wasn't to avoid putting my baby in a diaper loaded with 50+ chemicals, it wasn't for any other reason than that I thought they were cute...and Chad was excited about saving money. That's honestly it! And then, of course, I eventually got excited about all of the other many benefits too.

I'm compiling a list of every diaper that was in my trial and what I liked & hated about all of them, as well as my final decision & what I purchased. Hopefully this helps somebody else trying to decide. And if you don't have a JBass in your life, allow me! I need to "pay it forward" anyways and I would love to help!

Stay tuned...

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